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Alpha Dog Training was started by Daniel Richard in 1994 to address the lack of good dog training services that dealt with dog behavior issues in the home and in public. Traditional training service like group classes, and in kennel training have their place, but lack the expert evaluation and management of your dog's life living in your world.

Alpha Dog Training employs a system of Education and Training of the owner/handler to be the (alpha) leader. In order to be a good alpha leader, the human must be well trained in speaking dog! It was your decision to invite a canine into your life, and with that decision comes the responsibility to be the leader of your canine in your world. Education is essential.

I have spent the last 30 years training thousand's dogs of all breed types. From little sweet sensitive dogs to large aggressive breeds for all kinds of different applications. From basic obedience and behavior modification to advanced off leash control. I have also trained some of the most powerful working dogs in world and achieved excellent results in obtaining certifications for civilian working Dogs and Dog Handler teams in Dog Sports, Police Dogs for City, County, State, and Federal agencies 

I bring to my clients the most current, modern, humane, and affective training techniques available anywhere regardless of the size or difficulty of the dog or the training challenge. Dogs will never understand why you do what you do. On the other hand, you can learn with my help, how and why your dog does what he does, and how to be an effective handler/owner.

Here at Alpha Dog Training personal service is my focus. I become your personal coach and trainer. When dealing with issues of fear, separation anxiety, barking, aggression, biting, the best and most complete solutions come from an in-home evaluation, in-kennel and in-home training program. The in-home evaluation is very important because the dog is in his territory and is likely to display the bad behavior that has caused you to call us. Also, if there are other members of the household like kids, other pets and dogs the evaluation can be more thorough and the solution more comprehensive. dog obedience training dog trainer Bedford Manchester Londonderry

Crediable experience is the difference


 Alpha Dog training difference is creditably base on 35 years of accomplishments and 3rd party examinations and certifications. The dog training business is unregulated and most dog training companies and services are provided by dog lovers who have want to help, but lack any credibility outside of a nice sounding web site.

Most Dogs can be trained


Results begin with a consultation with a real professional. Every one has different needs, goals and expectations for their dog(s). Here at Alpha Dog Training we seek to custom tailor training solutions for each individual and their dog(s). dog obedience training dog trainer behavior modification Londonderry Manchester Bedford

Serivice offered


Puppy head start program

Puppy Head Start program

Start them off right.

Basic obedience training

Attention, Sit Stay, Down Stay, Come, Heel, Release, Place

Advanced obedience program


dog trainer dog obedience training behavior modification Londonderry Manchester Bedford

Board and Train


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